Penn State Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Building


The Chemical and Biological Engineering Building is a new building project including 5 stories, lower level and mechanical penthouse.  This large undertaking by the university will provide expanded facilities needed to accommodate department growth, includes specialized chemical engineering laboratories with student collaborative space and project-based education.


Although not part of the original design assist team for the project, Marx Sheet Metal & Mechanical came on board with as a sub to the mechanical contractor and was quickly leveled up to work directly for Barton Malow. 


The extensive BIM process was transitioned to mechanical construction starting with the layout and installation of deck inserts with two Trimble total stations prior to concrete being poured.  Large scale welded stainless steel (as well as galvanized steel) risers and main ducts runs soon followed.  The mechanical penthouse followed which included much inter-trade coordination highlighted by the rigging and installation of six enormous air handlers and one heat recovery unit.  Leak testing of required risers, ducts and air handling equipment was self-performed as was the installation of two large outside air plenums and one heat recovery plenum.   Branch ductwork, equipment installation and asset management is currently ongoing with a completion date expected later this year. 


Upon completion of this project Marx Sheet Metal & Mechanical will have installed over 600,000 pounds of ductwork (equivalent to the weight of a Boeing 777 airliner) including over 100,000 pounds of welded stainless-steel ductwork.